Best Japanese Restaurants


Get ready to take a delicious adventure through the heart of Pleasant Hill's Japanese culinary landscape! We're diving chopsticks-first into a world of mouthwatering sushi, savory ramen, and delightful surprises at the best Japanese restaurants in town.

Let's roll!

From hidden gems to family-owned treasures, this guide is your ticket to a flavor-packed journey that'll have your taste buds doing a happy dance.

1. Damo Sushi | 508 Contra Costa Blvd R, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Damo Sushi, a culinary hidden gem, offers a delightful blend of exceptional food and attentive service. From the moment you step in, the staff seems to anticipate your every need, adding a touch of warmth to the experience. The miso soup boasts a uniquely beautiful flavor, and the tuna sashimi is an exquisite, melt-in-your-mouth delight. Whether it's sushi to-go or a cozy dine-in, Damo Sushi consistently delivers excellence. The menu is a treasure trove of delights, from the Rainbow Crunch roll to the 49'er roll, the Ace roll, and the Tokyo Tower, each a symphony of flavors. Don't miss their pot stickers, perfectly balanced and never doughy, and the blue fin tuna, which can only be described as buttery perfection. With prompt seating, fresh sushi, and amazing ramen, Damo Sushi keeps patrons coming back, making it a go-to spot for Bay Area food aficionados seeking sushi that truly stands out.

2. Haya Ramen | 35D Crescent Dr, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Nestled in the Pleasant Hill shopping center, Haya Ramen evokes a comforting sense of home for patrons. With a charming presentation and excellent service, this ramen haven offers a delightful experience. Whether indulging in the spicy pork ramen or savoring the rich pork broth ramen, the broth stands out for its excellence, accompanied by generous portions of noodles and perfectly balanced eggs. The quaint Japanese-style decor and ample parking add to the appeal, making Haya Ramen a must-visit destination for aficionados of delectable ramen dishes. The black garlic and hakata tonkotsu variations, complemented by pickled cabbage and soy sauce-marinated eggs, are particularly praiseworthy, ensuring a return trip to this small but exceptional establishment.

3. Jo’s Honda Sushi | 150 Longbrook Way C, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Jo's Honda Sushi in Pleasant Hill, CA, shines as a local treasure, where staff and regulars create an inviting, familial atmosphere. The sushi here is a standout, with offerings like dynamite, cooked scallop, caterpillar roll, and veggie tempura earning high praise. Paired with a delightful unfiltered sake, it's a must-try. With generous portions like the sashimi/tempura bento box and personal touches like complimentary shrimp croquettes, the restaurant balances authenticity with value. Jo's Honda Sushi's commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients and attentive service, along with its convenient location and serene ambiance, make it a go-to spot for a genuine Japanese dining experience that rivals what one might find in Japan itself.

4. Kobe Japan Pleasant Hill | 1918 Oak Park Blvd, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

This East Bay prize stands out as a top destination for Japanese cuisine. Offering a diverse menu, it caters to sushi enthusiasts with fresh and creatively named rolls, accompanied by the perfect Japanese beer pairings. The attentive and friendly staff ensures a speedy and enjoyable dining experience, whether you're savoring their delicious hibachi dinners or exploring their extensive menu. Kobe Japan Restaurant consistently delivers both quality and variety, making it a beloved choice for those seeking exceptional Japanese dining in the San Francisco Bay Area.

5. Matsu Sushi Japanese Restaurant | 1914 Contra Costa Blvd, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Matsu Sushi Japanese Restaurant, though unassuming in appearance, surprises with its depth of flavor and generous portions. This is no ordinary takeout joint; it exudes a slightly fancier ambiance, ideal for a date night. Dishes like the Cherry Blossom and Lambada rolls shine with outstanding freshness, while the rainbow roll comes highly recommended. Not only is the sushi great, but the beef and chicken teriyaki dinner plate also please the palate. Matsu Sushi offers a delightful and reasonably priced Japanese dining experience that's a can’t-miss in Pleasant Hill.

6. Okini Sushi | 2239 Morello Ave, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

With a thoughtful limited lunchtime menu, vegetarian options, and kid-friendly features, Okini Sushi caters to a diverse clientele. family-owned Japanese gem, offers a top-notch dining experience worth savoring. From the moment you step inside, the warm hospitality of the family staff sets the tone. The food, an exquisite blend of authentic Japanese flavors, includes standout dishes like Beef Teriyaki and Fried Calamari, bursting with savory goodness and delightful crispness. Sushi enthusiasts will appreciate the beautifully presented and fresh rolls, including the Golden California and Bay Bridge Roll. The restaurant's inviting ambiance, well-maintained decor, and reasonable prices make it suitable for various occasions, whether it's a date night or a family outing.