East Bay International Jewish Film Festival

The annual East Bay International Jewish Film Festival brings nearly two weeks of films, guests and special events to bridge cross-culturalism, using films that celebrate the Jewish experience and people.

Every Spring, “see a film, see the world” at the East Bay International Jewish Film Festival. Celebrating over 25 years of independent and international films with engaging pieces and performances with the goal of building cultural bridges not just within the Jewish community but internationally as well.

“Our mission is to build a vibrant cultural community, using films that celebrate the Jewish experience and people." -Independent Jewish World Cinema

Whether you’re live-streaming or settled into your seat at the theater, the film festival offers a number of events throughout its two week run including discussions with historians, authors, filmmakers and other experts with deep dives into the thematic messages of these acclaimed cultural portrayals. Themes such as justice, civic engagement, ethnic inclusiveness and empathy are interwoven throughout the diverse ensemble of over 40 films each year.

"Through the power of film, speakers and other forms of media, we hope to connect our local Jewish community with diverse religious and ethnic groups, encourage inclusion, and educate about the ramifications of prejudice and stereotyping.”

For details about festival events, schedule, films (including information about subtitles), and previously recorded lectures visit eastbayjewishfilm.org or email to info@eastbayjewishfilm.org.