Tinkers & Thinkers

Looking for free things to do with kids in Pleasant Hill? This is a fun and wildly popular event for kids who love science!

What Is Tinkers & Thinkers

Modeled on other Bay Area Makers Fairs and a series of “Innovation Nights” at the Pleasant Hill Library, the goal of the Tinkers & Thinkers Innovation Faire is to nurture S.T.E.M. inspiration, creativity, and innovation in the community & beyond.

Hosted by Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District and the Pleasant Hill Library, Tinkers & Thinkers enables hundreds of young S.T.E.M. builders to explore and engage in science through a variety of "hands-on" make-at-home projects and activities.

Where Is Tinkers & Thinkers Held?

Tinkers & Thinkers has been held as both a live and a virtual event. In 2021, it was completely virtual, but that does not mean it was any less inspirational! A series of engaging videos walked participants through each stage of the event. See a sample video below!

When Is Tinkers & Thinkers This Year?

TBA! Please check here for more details.